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Information related to the logical framework (logframe) is accessed in the Logframe node, both in a view-only table format by way of tabs, and for data entry with specific nodes for each part of the logframe.


There are two formats for the logframe structure: Standard Logframe and Intermediate/Immediate Logframe. When entering a new project, users should select one of the formats by clicking the gear symbol drop-down menu on the Logframe node row, and then selecting the appropriate format.


Be careful! Once a format is chosen, it can only be changed by contacting PlanWin Help Desk. Changing the format will delete all logframe content, so do not enter content (such as Outcomes or Outputs) until you have the correct format.


Choosing logframe format


Standard Logframes have Outcomes and associated Indicators and Outputs, and Outputs have associated Activities. This format is most commonly used with MCC-funded projects.


Standard logframe format

Intermediate/Immediate Logframes have Intermediate Outcomes with Intermediate Indicators and Immediate Outcomes. Immediate Outcomes then have associated Immediate Indicators and Outputs, and Outputs have associated Activities. This format is most commonly used with externally-funded projects, including CFGB projects.


Intermediate.Immediate logframe format


See Outcomes, Indicators, Outputs or Activities for more information on how to enter each part of the Logframe, or watch the video tutorial on Entering Outcomes, Indicators, Activities here.


Additional tools in the Logframe node:

Opening the Logframe node will show users a table with all of the logframe data that has been entered. Each logframe data type is in a tab - Outcomes, Outputs, Activities, and finally an Indicator tab.


Logframe table


Under the gear symbol drop-down menu:

The Open as Main option will open a full screen / window that can be used to view the entire logframe table.  


Generate Excel Report: There is an option to export the Logframe data to a spreadsheet. Simply click the Generate to Excel option to pull all the Logframe data information into a report in a spreadsheet format. See Logframe Excel Spreadsheet for more information.