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Because of the relationship of different parts of the Logframe data users should add Outcomes first, then Outputs and Indicators can be linked to those Outcomes. After Outputs are entered, Activities can be entered linked to the Outputs


When users initially enter a new project, one Outcome is automatically added.

For a Standard Logframe format, there is one Outcome, with an associated Indicator, Output, and each Output has an associated Activity.


For an Intermediate/Immediate Logframe format, there is one Intermediate Outcome with an associated Intermediate Indicator and Immediate Outcome, and each Immediate Outcome has an associated Immediate Indicator and Output. Each Output has an associated Activity.


Users should edit the text to reflect anticipated project Outcomes. This text can be copied and pasted from the project proposal.

To add additional Outcomes to a Standard Logframe format, navigate to either Logframe or another Outcome, and click the gear symbol drop-down menu and select Add Outcome.

Standard output.Add

To add additional Intermediate Outcomes to an Intermediate/Immediate Logframe format, navigate to the Logframe node, click the gear symbol drop-down menu on the right, and click Add Intermediate Outcome.


Intermediate outcome.Add


To add additional Immediate Outcomes, highlight either the Intermediate Outcome this Immediate Outcome contributes to or another "sibling" Immediate Outcome under the "parent" Intermediate Outcome, click the gear symbol drop-down menu, and click Add Immediate Outcome.

Immediate Outcome.Add