Personnel Details narrative

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Personnel Details narrative

This screen allows you to assign personnel in the program to a specific Project. This may include a seconded worker, or it may be someone who works as a technical advisor with a number of partners, but who is giving some time to helping with this Project.


To link existing personnel in the program to a Project, navigate to the Personnel Details narrative node, click the gear symbol drop-down menu, and select Link Personnel to this Project.

Personnel Project link


This will call up a list of personnel already entered in the Program's database. You can filter the list by name, job type or job category. Click on the "Select" button next to the name of the person you want to link.


Personnel project link filter


Note that this does not add new personnel to the database. It merely links existing personnel to this project. To add new personnel to the database, you must enter their information in the Personnel Screen. Then go to the Project and use the link option as described here.


If personnel end their time with MCC before a project ends, do not remove this link. Simply update the Personnel ROA date (see the Personnel Screen). Keeping the link and having accurate ROA dates will ensure institutional memory.