Partner Level

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Partner Level

This is a place to keep track of basic partner information, including contact information, date the partnership started (Partner Since), and scope of the organization (Number of Employees and Budget), as well as Organization Type. Note in the Organization Type section the option to indicate partners that are Mennonite World Conference members; this information is used in global annual reporting. There is also a Location tab, which indicates where the Partner's offices are located. If the location is already listed, select it from the list. If it is not listed, click on "New" and enter it into the list. You may select more than one location.


The partner's Linked to list will be generated automatically as you link Partners with Projects, or Personnel with Partners (see Partner Links and Personnel Secondments). In the Link to list, you will see the Personnel Secondment Dates or the Project Dates as appropriate. For projects, you will also see that project's attached Project and Partner Evaluation Report. Selecting this link will open the attachment.


For partners with account links, you can click the icon to the left of the project to show or hide the financial details.



To add a new partner, first navigate to the program where you want to add the partner. Select the Partner drop-down menu and scroll to the end, then select the Add  Partner option. This will create a blank project space to enter a new partner's data.


To update an existing partner records, navigate to the program where the partner works, the select the partner name from the Partner drop-down menu. Note that if the partner is not active in a specific fiscal year, you may need to change the fiscal year filter for them to appear in the drop-down menu list.