Original Document Attachments

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Original Document Attachments

This node is where you will attach original project documents, including the Concept Paper, Project Proposal, MOUs, Progress Reports, Completion Report, Reflection and Evaluation Reports (including Project and Partner Reflection Report), and Miscellaneous Document Files (including any Environmental Impact documents).


To attach documents, first navigate to the correct node. For example, if you are attaching a Progress Report, navigate to the Progress Report node.


Some types of files already have a space to attach the file, including: Concept Paper, Project Proposal, Completion Report, Partner and Project Reflection Report and Environmental Impact documents. For these files, simply attach the file in the space provided.


For all other types of files, such as  Progress Reports or MOUs, click the gear symbol drop-down menu and select Add Attached File to create a space to attach the file.


For instructions on how to attach files, see Attaching Files.