Accounting View

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Accounting View

This screen will show Accounting Data (FASWin). Your ability to see accounting data depends on your permissions; only users with specific permissions can see or edit data under Accounting View. Also, the project must have one or more accounts linked to it for data to show up under Accounting View. Linked account data also shows up on the Project Basics screen.


Only users with the right permissions can link accounts. To link to accounts, go to the Account Link Definition tab.  


After accounts are linked, the Accounting View screen shows a summary total of the the linked accounts by Fiscal Year or by Account. The numbers will be prorated based on the % Assigned which is defined by the linked account.


Double-clicking on any row in the grid, or clicking on the Accounting Details button will drill-down to the show the accounting details active. This screen shows the actual accounting entries that make up the activity in the linked accounts. This allows seeing exactly what happened and when (in terms of the accounting) for each account.