Account Link Definition

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Account Link Definition

This screen is used to link one or more FASWin account to a project. Since project can span multiple fiscal years, the accounts for all fiscal years covered by the project dates are shown. PlanWin or FASWin data entry permissions are required to define the account links. Only users with the right permissions can see or edit the Accounting View node.


To define a link:

Select the fiscal year.

To select or unselect an Account, first click the edit icon to the left of the account. The edit icon will be replaced with a checkbox: click the checkbox to select or unselect the Account.


Filters can be used to search for or select groups of accounts.

To filter by Account Number, type in part or all of the desired account number at the top of the Account Number column. Entering an account segment will filter accounts to show only those that have that segment.

To filter by Account Description, type in part or all of the desired account name at the top of the Account Description column.

Account Link Filters


After selecting an account, set the desired Percent for this link. The account values shown will be multiplied by the percent indicated. Note that this percentage refers to the percentage of the account, not the percentage of the project budget coming from that account (i.e. 50% indicates that only 50% of the funds in that account will be used for this project).


Partner links:

If the project has one partner, then any accounts linked to the project will automatically be linked to the partner as well.

If the project has multiple partners, or if a partner is linked after the accounts are already linked to the project, then the accounts will have to be manually linked to the partners.

Once the account is in edit mode, you can select or unselect the partner link, or change the percent assigned to the partner.



Account Link Partner