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Data entered under the Partner level can be entered by anyone with data entry permissions for that Program. Reps and the appropriate Director in regional/provincial offices may do this data entry themselves or delegate a team member to do it. Reps and Directors may contact to request data entry permissions and user accounts for team members as needed. All partners with active projects (see Projects above) should be entered.


Note that data that is set to restricted under the Partner level is available only to the Reps (International Program) or appropriate Directors (regional/provincial program) for that program and their supervisors (i.e. ADs, Program Directors), and anyone with data entry permissions for that Program.


Information entered under the Partner level should be reviewed and updated as needed when a new project with that partner is being entered.


Contact: This is a place to store your information about the contact person, address, etc. for the partner. This information does not appear on standard reports; it is for your use as a program management tool. When entering information here, keep in mind that future readers in your position (i.e. after a leadership transition, who will need to know this information?).

Partner Since: Enter the date MCC began partnering with this organization.

Organization Type: Check the kind of organization from the drop-down box. If you select "Faith-based, Christian" you will be given the additional check-box to indicate if this partner is a member, or is an agency of or affiliated with a member, of Mennonite World Conference.

Accounting Summary: This table is automatically generated based on the FASWin accounts linked to projects that the partner is linked to. The table summarizes total grant amounts going to the partner each fiscal year. See Partner Level in the Technical Guidance for more information.

Linked to

 Secondments: This list will be generated automatically as you link this Partner with Personnel. (See Personnel Secondment below).

 Projects: This list will be generated automatically as you link this Partner with projects. (See Project information above).

Project and Partner Evaluation Reports: If a partner is linked to a project that has a Project and Partner Evaluation report attached, that link will be shown in the partner record beside the project. Selecting this link will bring you to the report attachment under the associated project.

Location: This list indicates where in the country (a region, a province or state, a city) the Partner's offices are located. If the location is already listed, select it from the list. If it is not listed, click on "New" and enter it into the list. You may select more than one location. (See also Add a Location, and How to remove a location in the Technical Guidelines instructions.)



This text field gives you a place to describe the partner. It can include type and sectors of work, locations where they work, other partners or funders, and information about organization size (number of staff or total organizational budget). Using key words in this field also allows this Partner’s work to be found with key word searches of the database. Some useful key words are listed here.



Here, briefly explain how the partnership started, MCC's history with this partner, and how the partner is a good strategic fit for MCC. Information from the MCC Partner Appropriateness: Internal Assessment Worksheet may be relevant here. There is no text limit, but this should be relatively brief. This statement appears on the program List of Partners report.


MCC Comments

This field is for use by country program staff--Reps (international program), Directors (regional/provincial program), program officers, or other MCC staff, to offer thoughts and analysis about the partner. It is an optional field.


Financial Review

This node is a space to upload documents related to Financial Reviews of the Partner. Requirements regarding Partner Financial Reviews can be found on this wiki.


Personnel Secondments

MCC often partners with organizations by supporting them with personnel secondments rather than or in addition to financial grants or material resources. If a partner has personnel seconded to them, the Personnel record can be linked to the Partner record here (See Secondments in the Technical Guidance for information on how to create this link). Secondment dates are automatically set to the personnel's ROA dates, but they can be set for a specific time period if the secondment dates are different from the ROA. If a secondment is active, the partner will show up as an active partner even if they do not have an active Project in PlanWin. Signed Secondment MOUs should be uploaded as attachments under the personnel-partner link.


Partner Policies

This is an optional space for tracking partner policies in which MCC has an interest, such as child protection policies and policies around protection against sexual exploitation and abuse. There is no requirement to upload copies of these policies here, but they may be uploaded here to preserve institutional memory around what we have supported partners with in this area.


Appropriateness Assessment

As of 2020, all MCC Partner Appropriateness: Internal Assessment Worksheets are uploaded under the Partner record instead of the Project record. These assessments are conducted regularly to support MCC in better understanding the partner and their fit to MCC. Used alongside the MCC Partner Capacity Building Discussion Guide, they can also support ongoing discussions around building capacities. Filing these regularly in PlanWin supports institutional memory.