Material/Financial Resources

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Material/Financial Resources

This screen allows you to summarize the financial, material and food resources MCC is providing for the Project each fiscal year.


To start, select "Add New" and then select the Type of resource (i.e. blankets, Money (US $)) and the Fiscal Year from the drop down menus and enter the Quantity. Comments are optional. Units will be automatically filled in.


Material Resources:

Material resources entered into a Project are those shipped from MCC in North America. If these items are purchased locally, and MCC's input is money to buy them, this should be listed as "Money" in the database, with the Comments line indicating what the money will be used for (e.g. purchase of blankets, etc).



This category should be used to give details on the funding MCC is providing for the Project.


If MCC is seconding a person as part of this Project, the person will be listed in the "Personnel Information" section. However, you can include here an estimate of the person's maintenance costs (which represent an MCC contribution to the Project). List the total amount for the year as money, and indicate in the Comments section that this is to cover costs for a service worker.