Statiscal Information

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Statiscal Information

Statistical Info panel

Statistical Panel


This panel provides information about the PlanWeb server. It is used for technical support, so most users will only need to reference this information if an error occurs. In that case, a screenshot of this information can help technical support fix the problem.


The information provided in the statistical information panel is:

Number of users currently logged in to PlanWeb.

Database activity: A process runs in the background that occasionally runs a test query on the database and measures the time it takes to run this query. Database activity is considered a "heavy load" when the run time is significantly higher than the average.

Web server activity: The web server uses the "load average" value which measures the average number of processes waiting for the CPU. This is a statistic provided by the operating system and is fairly accurate in telling us if the web server will have a problem handling requests

Stats Update: A background process queries the web server stats, the database activity stats and the dataserver periodically (to test for: full-text searching and report generating). This bit tells us the last time the check was run and it should always be between 2 and 5 minutes in the past. If the stats haven't been updated for an hour, then something went wrong with the background process.

Index updated on: The last date the full-text search was refreshed / updated to get current data. Typically this process runs once a week, over the weekend.

Index tasks: This indicates what's happening while the full-text index is being rebuilt.

Index status: If the full-text index is not working, this status can indicate why.