Navigating the content area

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Navigating the content area

Navigating Main Page Content


Symbols/visual cues:

Colored dot: this is used provide a visual image of the data hierarchy. The colors used roughly follow the rainbow spectrum from red, orange, yellow, green, blue to violet, with red indicating the highest level information and violet the lowest (or deepest) level.

Ellipsis: Clicking on the black circle with the white ellipses (to the right of the description) will show the details of this section. In the example above (i.e. Current Program), clicking the ellipses will show the Current Program data as shown below.

Plus mark: Clicking the plus mark to the left of the description will "drill-down" or expand to the next level beneath the current level. What's shown under a level is context-dependent. Click on the Plus button to open/close the levels underneath this item



Current Program Panel


On the right of the screen for each section, there are several tools and support available:

Tools in content area


Gear symbol drop-down menu: We call this the Action Menu. The drop-down menu in the gear symbol has several options which are dependent on the context:

oOpen as Main: This option will open that section of data as the main/top screen so it is the only data visible. You can go back to the full view using the navigator options at the top of the screen

oAdd Item. This option will be shown when you have edit permissions and it is possible to add this item. It is dependent on the context. If allowable, this is where you will add additional rows for both "sibling" data parallel to the data you're viewing, and "child" data that is nested under the data you're viewing,

oDelete:Item This option will be shown when you have edit permissions and it is possible to delete this item.

oSet to Restricted or Visible: This option will be shown when you have edit permissions and it depends on the type of data you're viewing.  If an item is restricted, you will see a "Set to Visible" and if visible (not restricted), you will see "Set to Restricted."


Blue ? symbol: This opens the PlanWeb Manual to the relevant section

Black "i" symbol: This has information about the type of context you're viewing. This information is mostly used by PlanWin Help Desk. Clicking on this symbol will both show the context information and automatically copy it to the clipboard. If you want, or asked, you can paste this information into an email message to send it to PlanWin Help Desk