Learning Tours and Exchanges

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Learning Tours and Exchanges

This screen allows you to keep a record of the learning tours and exchanges that the program is involved with. Entries will be sorted by start date, with most recent first.


The information entered in this screen is collected in the database and is summarized in the Area Director's Summary report at the end of the budget year.


Add a new Learning Tour or Exchange by selecting 'Learning Tours and Exchanges', clicking the gear symbol drop-down menu and selecting 'Add Learning Tour or Exchange'.


Briefly describe the tour or exchange in the box provided, and select from the drop-down list the type of tour/exchange (for instance, "South-South" means an exchange or tour that originates in the South and goes to the South).


Select which type of Learning Tour or Exchange it was from the Program drop-down menu. Select 'Sending' or 'Receiving' from the next drop-down menu to indicate whether the exchange or tour was sent by the program to some other location, or whether the program received the tour or exchange. If the program received a multi-country tour, and this is the first country receiving the tour, select "Received" and also check the box to indicate first country. This prevents double counting when the number of tours/exchanges is totaled for the Area Director's Summary Report.


Enter the Total Persons who participated in the tour.


Start and end dates are important because they determine which tours and exchanges are pulled up for a given year in the reports.


The "comments" section allows you to add information that may be useful in assessing the impact of this tour or exchange, or details that can help in future planning.


You can add any relevant attachments by selecting Add and then Learning Tour and Exchanges Attachments (or right-click for the same option). See also Attaching Files.