How to do a search

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How to do a search

How to do a search

To begin searching, click inside the Search Box

PlanWeb Search box


You can set various options to filter the search results:

1.  Keywords: To select from a list of possible keywords, click "Add search keywords". See Search Keywords for more information.

2.  Fiscal year: You can limit the results to one fiscal year if desired. You need to set the specific fiscal year first. Once the appropriate year is selected, then, inside the search section, select the checkbox for filtering on the fiscal year. Any result that falls outside of the selected fiscal year will be removed from the search results. If the checkbox is not selected, then results from every fiscal year will be returned.

3.  Search within: You can choose a specific Area, Program or Project to limit the search to this context.

o    To search within a specific context (like Asia) you need to navigate to the content level before opening the search window. The search window gives you the option to select any of the available contexts based on what content you have navigated to. By default (with none of the options selected) all contexts will be searched. If you select a context, but then reconsider, just select the "Everything" option.

o    Note that you can also select any context - regardless of where you have navigated, by selecting the appropriate keyword.

4.   Enter your search terms. (See Writing queries and Tips for choosing search terms below).

5.   Click on Search.

o    Security: Note, you will not see results that are restricted based on your permissions. Any result that is restricted for the current user is removed from the result set.

6.   Click on one of the returned search results to view that specific information.

o    The search results only show the first portion of the entry text and in many cases, none of the search terms will show up in the text displayed so there will be no text highlighted.

o    Clicking on a search result will navigate to that item. For example, if you find an activity related to a specific project, clicking that result will bring you to the project and the specified activity. To find more information about that project, you can select the project title from the row at the top of the PlanWeb screen.

Click outside the search screen to close the search screen.

To return to your (prior) search results, click in the Search bar again.