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Data entered under the Area level is kept up to date by the Area Directors. Note that data that is restricted under the Area/sub-Area levels is available only to the ADs for that Area and their supervisors (i.e. Program Directors).


Strategic Plans Attachment Base: ADs enter multi-year strategic plans here; all sub-areas use this attachment node for their sub-area plans. Five-year strategic plans are attached here, starting with 2015-2020. Only the finalized strategic plan is attached. Generally, no updates are expected until the next strategic planning period.

Other Attachments Base: ADs may enter other management documents here as determined by specific ADs; all sub-areas use this attachment node.



Data entered under the sub-area level is kept up to date by the Area Directors in that sub-area. (Note that the database language for MCC Areas is ‘sub-area’ due to the structure of the database.)


Most data entered in sub-area nodes is entered in specific Fiscal Years. Create a new fiscal year folder by selecting the "Fiscal Year" node and "Add Fiscal Year" (or right-click for same option) and then double clicking the year in the pop up screen.


Under each Fiscal Year, the following data is entered:

AD Trip Reports This node is the space for uploading Trip Reports after visits. Note that any reports with sensitive information may be restricted.

Annual Plan and Annual Report This information is updated annually according to the Program Master Calendar and uploaded to PlanWin. Note that annual plans and reports have switched between being one file or two files - if they are two files, both are uploaded. In the case that sub-Areas have joint plans and reports, they may be entered in one or the other sub-Area node, or both.

Regional Stories This optional text field allows you to add stories about work in the Area that is not linked to a specific Project. (There is a section for stories at the Project level, as well).There are no requirements for  Regional Stories, but this space can be useful for institutional memory. Story reports run by Donor Relations will pick up any new stories added here.


AD Transition Manuals are the other node under sub-areas. Here, the most up-to-date AD Transition Manual will be stored for ready reference and editing. If a previous version is already attached in the database, that version should be deleted in order to upload the most up-to-date version. This node is restricted, which means that it can be accessed only by database users with AD or Program Director level permissions for that specific sub-area.